Life in Laguna: Why Leave Paradise,The Staycation


Murphy hitting up Joe for more treats at The Tides Laguna Beach.

It’s been a stressful few months (mostly because I’ve been house hunting which turned into apartment hunting and now am just hoping not to be homeless…translation: there’s no inventory right now in lovely Laguna Beach and what does come up is soon set upon by a feeding frenzy worthy a battalion of barracudas and a boatload of rare filet mignon), and decided that what I needed was a “staycation.” Or, more accurately, a “nearcation,” as I was planning on sleeping not in my own bed, but in one of the crazy-cozy rooms at one of my favorite local gems: The Tides, a hidden treasure of an inn in North Laguna, walking distance to most everything I adore in Laguna Beach. 


My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Murphy, and I checked in and were made instantly welcome by innkeepers Joe and Judy. The dog-friendly Tides keeps a little container of treats just for their canine guests and Murph soon had Joe and Judy wrapped around his little paw–unabashedly blackmailing them into feeding him copious amounts of canine treats. The Murph can be rather incorrigible.


My charming suite at The Tides Laguna Beach.

My charming suite at The Tides Laguna Beach.

Murph and I stayed in the well-appointed Room 212 (or as I call it, Apartment 212, as that’s about the size of it) and it was a bit like walking into a film set that is equal parts Nancy Meyers movie (think the decor in “Something’s Gotta Give” and “It’s Complicated”) and Doris Day. Translation: So charming and enchanting, you may never want to leave. Plates are hung on the walls of the dining/living room, the kitchen has everything you’d need, and the spacious airy bedroom is a symphony in cream with black and white accents, vaulted beamed ceilings, lovely art and two very comfortable beds. An entire family could comfortably nest here for a perfect Laguna Beach vacation by the sea.

Other guests clearly agree with me. I had a fun time flipping through the guest book, reading the notes, reviews, and musings left by previous guests of The Tides:

“What a lovely place! Thanks so much for your warm hospitality–what a wonderful location and beautiful view!”

I wonder if they'll let me move in?

I wonder if they'll let me move in?

“Thanks for such a sweet, special place to come and enjoy this bit of paradise for awhile! Your attention to detail here is appreciated! We love The Tides!” “Thank you–we felt so comfy and and at home here at The Tides. We’ll recommend it to anyone looking for a cozy getaway. We enjoyed the outdoor fireplace and BBQ both nights!”

I had intended on venturing out on the town for dinner with a dear friend, but was so lulled by the cozy suite that I persuaded my friend to bring dinner to me, along with a bottle of wine and a movie. Perfection! 

The morning dawned in the soft golds and lavenders unique to our Southern California beach town. After a restful sleep, I was ready to explore my own beloved village. My friend Russell dropped by with my favorite coffee and fresh bagels (a side benefit of staying so near my friends–they all felt free to pop by!) and, thus fueled, Murph and I hit the town.

Kate and Murph hit the town during their staycation in Laguna Beach.

Kate and Murph hit the town during their staycation in Laguna Beach.

After some de rigueur apartment stalking (I’ve been forced to go all black ops on the real estate market and just might qualify for the CIA by now, or at least a merit badge), we stopped by the wonderful Laguna Beach Farmer’s Market and then tucked into Laguna Coffee to enjoy some locally roasted coffee and listen to some live jazz. Murphy and I then met a friend down from LA for a lovely al fresco lunch at Sapphire restaurant, followed by meeting other friends (that Murph really does know how to paint the town!) at La Casa del Camino’s Rooftop Lounge. My friend Kristie looked over at me and remarked (as the sun went down), “We really do live in paradise. Why in the world would anyone ever leave Laguna?” “Yes,” I replied, “I quite agree.”

To book your staycation at the Tides–or vacation, if you’re not lucky enough to live in Laguna Beach–please visit: And be sure to check out the Laguna Beach Farmer’s Market, the Laguna Coffee Company, Sapphire Laguna,  The Rooftop Lounge at La Casa del Camino, as well as the Calendar of Events for more cool things to do around town. And if you see Murph and me walking by, come say hi!

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  • Hi, there;
    I’m the owner of Forest & Ocean Gallery, located…well… on the corner of Forest & Ocean (yes there are some that don’t get that). I like your article and invite you to ArtWalk tomorrow evening at our gallery where you can enjoy some of our wine and yummies; bring Murph!
    Hope to see you there.
    All the best,

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